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If you are interested in commissioning your own piece of artwork, please contact me here and I will respond within a 24 hour time period. You will receive price options based on size and we will work together to complete a piece that fits your personality and space.  Pictures of the room, where the painting will reside are welcome, as well as fabrics and paint colors used on the walls and other color throughout the room.  


What is the Process? 


Please send me an email, letting me know you are interested in a custom piece and I’ll respond to you with a series of questions.   If you have a specific piece of mine you have seen before that caught your eye, let me know!  



After I have reviewed your request and responded, we will get a little more specific about your space and what you would like to see. Soft or Bright?  Resin or no Resin?   Don’t have a clue what size you need or a specific color palette?   That’s okay..I can give you recommendations for that as well after you send me a picture of the space you are trying to fill.  Once we are agreeably on the same page, you will make a 50% deposit and I will then begin work!  You will receive an estimated finish date (usually 4-6 weeks).  (timeframe subject to change)



After your piece is complete, you’ll receive a photo via email. If there are changes you would like to see, I will do so upon your suggestions.  Once I have final approval,  we will then arrange for pick up or delivery.  Balance is Due upon final photo sent via email.  


I'm interested in a commission!

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